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Minigame 2010 :: posted by Jason :: 20 Jun 2010

Although the "official" MiniGame Competition website has been in transition for quite a while, regular contributor Dr Beep has taken it upon himself to organise things for 2010. There's a bit of staggering on the closing dates; 1K entries should be submitted by 31st August, 2K need to arrive by 31st October and the cut-off for 4K entries is 30th November.

For people who are unaware of the history, the original MiniGame competition evolved from a cross-posting flamewar between the denizens of various USENet groups, so it's proof that good can come from these discussions, at least as long as they're about the machines and not reduced to personal insults and fanboyistic "arguments".

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Here we go, here we go! :: posted by Jason :: 08 Jun 2010

H'lo everybody! Well, Format War finally has its own layout (okay, it's really the latest Oldschool Gaming one painted red, but it beats what was there previously) and a start has been made on creating some content for it... but of course the primary focus is always going to be the forums which may still be in their infancy but that's only because no really meaty fights have broken out... at least not yet.

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