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Format War turns five! :: posted by Jason :: 16 Aug 2014

Since the 16th of August has rather arbitrarily become Format War's "official" birthday, here's another excuse to buy a nice cake, pose it with an Breadbin (where else would you keep a cake for a retro gaming website's birthday?) and then eat it. It was a very nice Victoria sponge with strawberry jam filling and don't worry, these birthdays aren't just an excuse to binge eat a cake or anything because I only had a quarter of it and the rest went to other members of the family.

Yay, cake again!

There hasn't been much news of late (although the news poster has just been upgraded to match the one added to Oldschool Gaming last month) but I was quite proud to see a new version of Format War's first collabortition Edge Grinder released for the ZX Evolution and taking second place in the fifth annual Your Game competition. Perhaps this is a good time to be thinking again about a second collabortition...?

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