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Happy Birthday to us! :: posted by Jason :: 16 Aug 2011

So a few weeks ago I was renewing the domain when I realised that this site's second birthday was due - Format War's forum went live along with the domain around the 16th August 2009 (with the actual website coming quite a bit later) so that's two whole years. And like any other two year old it's slightly whiny, doesn't go to bed when told to and has demanded a cake... and to prove said confectionary isn't a lie, here's a photo of the one purchased just yesterday, balanced on a tasteful cake stand...

Mmm, cake!

...and rather gorgeous! But to actually celebrate the event properly we've got the official announcement that the first Format War collabortition is up and running (yes, I forgot to post about it okay?!) and I've spent the last couple of days making the first group of comparative reviews that I threatened promised last year ready to actually go live.

So we'll just cut the decorative ribbon on the 8-bit computer game reviews section with a ridiculously oversized pair of scissors, thank James Monkman over at RGCD for proof reading the text, Trevor Storey and Sean Connolly for their excellent work on Edge Grinder and indeed offer around virtual cake to all the lovely fluffy forum bunnies who've helped to make Format War a quiet but surprisingly fun place to be on the interwebs - who knows, maybe an actual argument will break out eventually?

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