Format War :: arguing the toss over which machine is better
Old Gold Tech videos :: posted by Jason :: 21 Jun 2010

Old Gold Tech is a podcast about old technology - you'd never guess it from the name! But their first two videos, which are here and here, make them relevant to Format War since they both revolve around the C64 and Spectrum... but unfortunately, the "facts" presented are pretty wide of the mark for both machines!

The presenters are under the impression that only later revisions of C64 had a cartridge port, that the Spectrum used a "Sinclair Z80 chip" and they even get caught out making some fairly n00bish mistakes (at least by our standards here at FWar) such as looking at a 1MHz 6502 and a 3.5MHz Z80 and assuming the latter is three and a half times faster. Still, it's amusing to watch them and the second "on the couch" video which isn't scripted is probably the more enjoyable of the two.

  • External link:   Old Gold Tech
  • News source:  Speccy Live

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