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The articles section of Format War is for dissertations or possibly diatribes where appropriate, either directly or tangentally related to the the discussion.

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A quick overview of what Format War is and how it (theoretically) works.

written by Jason 
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Format-specific Sites
Atari Age

The definitive resource for just about anything Atari 8-bit on the web, as well as a thriving community.

Game and demo downloads, along with articles and recent interviews with C64 luminaries.


A general purpose wiki dedicated to the CPC, including resources for programmers and notes on a few ongoing games.


A steadily expanding community and forum dedicated to the VIC, why not head over and be supportive?

MSXDev Resource Centre

A very long-serving (originally launched in 1994) MSX news and resources site, available in several languages.

A large collection of games from the very first titles to most recent releases for the entire Oric range.

Plus/4 World

A huge collection of Plus/4 games, demos and tape inlays from the very first Commodore titles through to the present day.

World Of Spectrum

An extensive and pretty much definitive archive of Spectrum software.

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